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« Le Geste fait Signe »

Vitrine de la calligraphie internationale contemporaine,

l’exposition se propose de réinterroger la fascination exercée par

le « geste fait signe » sous toutes ses formes :
fascination de la puissance évocatrice d’une ordonnance parfaitement maîtrisée des signes signifiants.
Et fascination de l’indéchiffrable que suscite le mystère des écritures imaginaires : « comment, malgré le défaut des mots, l’image du texte absent peut-elle faire sens avec tant de force? »

La manifestation se déploie sur 3 lieux: le Château de Barjac, la galerie La Quincaillerie à Barjac, et la Médiathèque d’Uzès.

Vernissages :

le samedi 10 mars à 18h30 au Château de Barjac

et à 19h30 à la galerie La Quincaillerie,

et le mardi 13 mars à 18h à la Médiathèque d’Uzès

Une performance collective par plusieurs des calligraphes exposants ouvrira le vernissage à Uzès.

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Dans le cadre de l’exposition à Barjac:

Six stages de calligraphie

Six stages de calligraphie sont proposés dans le cadre de l’exposition :
– cinq stages les 11 et 12 mars par Kitty Sabatier, Anja Lüdtke, Julien Chazal, Laurent Pflughaupt et Andy Schenk,
ainsi que
– un stage les 14 et 15 mars par Andy Schenk.

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English version

« Le Geste fait Signe »

A window onto international contemporary calligraphy,

the exhibition sets out to re-examine the fascination exerted by

the « geste fait signe » in all its forms:

fascination with the evocative power of a perfectly mastered arrangement of meaningful signs.

And fascination with the indecipherable sparked by the mystery of imaginary writings: ‘how, in spite of the lack of words, can the image of missing text make sense with such force’?

The event will be held over three sites: the castle in Barjac, the gallery La Quincaillerie in Barjac and the Médiathèque in Uzès.


Saturday 10th March 2018

first at the castle in Barjac at 6.30 pm,

and at the Galerie La Quincaillerie at 7.30 pm

Tuesday 13th March 2018 at the Médiathèque in Uzès at 6 pm.

A collective performance given by some of the exhibiting calligraphers will open the vernissage in Uzès.

During the exhibition in Barjac:

6 calligraphy workshops

– 11th and 12th March: by Kitty Sabatier, Anja Lüdtke, Julien Chazal, Laurent Pflughaupt and Andy Schenk,


– 14th and 15th March by Andy Schenk.
















5th to 10th of May 2018

Make a book with three different teachers
Massimo Polello, Marí Emily Bohley and Birgit Nass




Because we love working together so much and had such wonderful time in Tuscany two years ago, we decided to offer another course at this special place. We will have a pool, amazing food, a lot of space to work, a half-day off to explore where we are and we are hoping to have another fantastic group of students like last time.
The result of this course will be a book which will be based on three different words – past, future and present. Each word will be illustrated in one section which then will be bound in a book with elastic bands. The binding will also allow us to change out the pages at any time. The topics will be expressed with different coloring techniques, rusting and gilding on collages. Various writing styles will be offered to transform the chosen words according to their meanings and show the different ideas of the text. Please bring an object, image and text for each word (past, future and present) which has special meaning to you. We will bring all the basic materials and tools for making the book. Please bring your personal calligraphy tools and if possible writing fluid.

Birgit Naß Graphic designer, lives as a freelance artist in Brietlingen, Germany.
Marì Emily Bohley Graphic designer, bookbinder, lives as a freelance artist in Dresden, Germany.

Workshop venue: PODERE “LE CAPANNACCE” Associazione Melete Podere le Capannacce 130 – 56036 Palaia (PI)
We will be welcoming guests at PODERE “LE CAPANNACCE”, a magnificent 18th century farmhouse surrounded by the Valdera hills with some breathtaking views. Fully equipped for every kind of workshop and a fantastic private pool, the farmhouse is located near Palaia, in the province of PISA (Pisa International airport 35 km, Florence International airport 40 km, closest railway station PONTEDERA 10 km) and 15 km to the wonderful SAN MINIATO. The countryside, the simple hospitality, and the excellent wholesome food prepared according to naturalist criteria by expert cooks, who place the workshop in a health-conscious setting of regeneration and wellness, and stimulate creativity and the art of calligraphy. Further information on the rooms, directions to the venue, and the materials necessary will be sent to you after registering for the course. A half-day off is scheduled during the course. The price includes: participation in the workshop (including materials), 5 nights, 5 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee/tea breaks – morning and afternoon breaks.

Date: 5th to 10th of May 2018
Time: Saturday dinner to Thursday lunch
Place: Agriturismo le Capannacce – Localita’ Le Capannacce 130, Palaia, Italy
Students: max. 20
Fees: 870 EUR (course fee, basic materials, accommodation in a triple room)
900 EUR (course fee, basic materials, accommodation in a double room*)
930 EUR (course fee, basic materials, accommodation in a single room*)* For an additional 30 EUR you can book the room with a private
bathroom but there is only a limited number of those rooms.

The workshop is full booked, but please ask for the waitlist or for the 2019 edition








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Rijksbook Project

A limited edition prestigious book catalogue  of the great 17th century paintings in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.
The paintings would be reproduced on a large scale and always accompanied by a full page calligraphic composition on the opposite page. Me and Brody Neuenschwander worked in tandem for about 95 calligraphy works and takes both busy for more then half of 2015.
You can see more of this book on or